Resurrection of my blog

A huge period of time I didn't publish anything on my blog. But things are still moving forward and I spent that time for getting an experience in different new fields. Nowadays I accumulated a lot of interesting things and ideas and it's the reason why I decided to update my blog and why I'm writting this stuff.

Moreover I decided to stop write blog in Russian and now it's completely English blog. Old pages since 2012 are still accessible by old address Another thing I changed is a blog engine and now it's based on self made engine powered on Zim Wiki + HTML + some Python. I removed backend and don't use heavy blog engines just because they bring a lot of spying dependencies and useless stuff. I made it just for fun and because I wanted to remind web basics. Probably from web-development point of view it might seem ugly but I don't care :)

So you're welcome here on my peace of Internet. New stuff is comming soon ...